Planet Plough

Posted by barnoid Mon, 29 Sep 2008 19:52:24 GMT

Planet Plough
Polar coordinates distortion. Original image was rotated to make the horizon as flat as possible and cropped for the correct proportion of ground to sky. To aid seamless joining I upped the contrast to whiteout the sky and had a go at the ground with the clone tool. It was then stretched vertically to make the x and y size the same and the image square. Then I applied the Polar Coordinates distort filter in GIMP. Finally I tidied up the join with the clone tool again. I’ll stop playing with filters now, yes.

Sunflower Droste

Posted by barnoid Mon, 29 Sep 2008 13:11:02 GMT

Sunflower Droste
Droste Effect Sunflower. Created with the Mathmap GIMP plugin and the Droste script by Josh Sommers. How it’s done: Starting with a sunflower photo with a nice plain sky background I used the select by colour tool to select the background. Then by promoting the background layer to a proper layer I cut out the sky to leave the sunflower on the transparent checkerboard. On the first go with Mathmap I found the petals still had bright edges because they used to be against a bright sky, which looked wrong against the dark flower centre. So I went back so the selection stage, grew the selection by 3 pixels so it cut off the edges of the petals and then feathered it by 3 pixels. Then I cut the sky off. Now I had just the flower with gradual transparency around the edge. I grabbed a nice brown from the middle of the flower using the eyedropper and created a new layer under the flower layer filled with that colour. Then I flattened and again cut out the flower from the background using fuzzy select this time. Now at last I had a flower with a brown fringe around the edge. Finally I stuck it in Mathmap, selected Droste and turned on ExternalTransparency because that’s what it has. Tweaked the parameters and here is the result. Parameters: InnerRadius 29.56 OuterRadius 91 Periodicity 1.02 Strands 1 XCenterShift 2 YCenterShift -4 StartingLevel 5 ExternalTransparency on

Budapest Chain Bridge

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Flat 1

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Flat 2

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Flat 3

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Lift Shaft

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St Stephen's Basilica

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Budapest Panorama 2

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Budapest Panorama 2
Another panorama. This one is made of processed raw files. This is the view from the dome of St Stephen’s Basilica.