Bristol Mini Maker Faire Timelapse

Posted by barnoid Tue, 26 Mar 2013 11:36:58 GMT

One shot about every 10 seconds between 9:30 and 4:30ish covering the whole of the first Bristol Mini Maker Faire. The camera rig can be seen clamped to the furthest pillar in my previous photo. Unfortunately Flickr applies heavy compression to videos which looks bad on videos with a lot of movement like this. It looks slightly better on Vimeo.

Bristol Mini Maker Faire

Posted by barnoid Mon, 25 Mar 2013 18:03:45 GMT

Bristol Mini Maker Faire
Last Saturday was the first ever Bristol Mini Maker Faire. It went really well, big thank you to all the organisers. See how many members of Bristol Hackspace you can spot in this photo.


Posted by barnoid Mon, 18 Mar 2013 21:39:03 GMT

This is the latest incarnation of Ode, a bad poetry generator that I first made when I was 13. See the web version for more information and the code. This version runs the output of the Ruby code through espeak on a Raspberry Pi. The music that plays behind the poem is called "Life" and is taken from a four part sequence, "Birth, Life, Dying and Death", composed by Matthew Barton and myself at about the same time as I wrote the original Ode.