Posted by barnoid Sun, 22 Apr 2012 22:14:00 GMT

Here is the final version, see also the test run and the making of. Briefly: 2125 shots taken every 2 minutes over 70.8 hours with a Canon EOS 40D with a Canon 50mm f1.8 lens with a +3 close-up filter wedged in the end. Cress seed on a bunch of damp cotton wool on a saucer on my home/hackspace made stepper motor turntable (3000 steps per revolution). In a cardboard box lined with a cut up white sheet, lit by a 20W daylight compact fluorescent light. The turntable and camera were controlled by an Arduino which turns the table one step just before taking the photo. The camera was set to manual, 1/8th second, f10, ISO 100. The test shoot was fairly flickery due to the lens not being totally accurate when it stops down the aperture to take the shot, so this time I pressed the aperture preview button and turned the lens slightly to disconnect the electrical contacts. This keeps the aperture stopped down and the camera unable to do anything about it, resulting in a consistent exposure every time. Despite claiming "daylight" the CFL is actually considerably cooler (see the test shoot). For this version I’ve corrected the white balance by batch processing with imagemagick. I also did the fade with imagemagick and then made the movie with ffmpeg. There’s a bit of a glitch around the one minute mark, this is where I watered the cress which caused the cotton wool to expand making it look like the whole lot jumps upwards slightly.
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