Posted by barnoid Tue, 26 Aug 2014 21:37:00 GMT

Meteonome is a musical weather station and a platform for making music based on weather readings.

Its sensors are:

  • Barometric pressure (SCP1000)
  • Humidity (SHT25)
  • Temperature
  • Light level (Adafruit GA1A12S202)
  • Wind speed (Cup anemometer)
  • Moisture detection (rain) (conductive thread)
  • Noise level (also rain mostly) (piezo sensor)

It produces OSC packets two or three times per second containing:

  • /meteonome/barometer/pressure

    Barometric pressure in mbar, the extremes are probably 850 to 1050 or so. Possibly most interesting to look at whether the value is changing as that indicates a change in the weather.

  • /meteonome/barometer/temperature

    Air temperature in Celsius, sensor built into barometer.

  • /meteonome/hygrometer/humidity

    Air relative humidity (percent), sensor seems to go up to 102%.

  • /meteonome/hygrometer/temperature

    Air temperature in Celsius, sensor built in to humidity sensor, seems to differ from the other one by a couple of degrees.

  • /meteonome/light/light

    Light level reading, from 0 to maximum of 1023, overcast is about 500 or so. Note: Meteonome's lighting is picked up by this too, up to about 100 - 200.

  • /meteonome/wind/rev_count

    Rough revs count of cup anemometer since last read.

  • /meteonome/wind/revcountavg

    Moving average of last 100 anemometer reads.

  • /meteonome/rain/wetness

    Conductivity between two lengths of conductive thread, 0 to 1023, about 330 is fairly wet, probably higher for actively raining. Dew is about 10 - 20. Occasionally goes to 1 or 2 when dry due to noise.

  • /meteonome/rain/noise

    Average of several thousand readings of a piezo sensor which should pick up rain noise. It's not very sensitive, might produce tiny numbers in heavy rain.

OSC is commonly used for exchanging data between music oriented software and hardware. For instance in Pure Data the OSC documentation is here: