About Me

A Picture of Me.

I am Barney and this is my website.

I work as a Linux systems administrator looking after a number of computers which run a fairly large website.

Outside of work I enjoy tinkering with electronics, usually in conjunction with computers running Linux. I was a founding member of the hackerspace BuildBrighton.

I'm also rather keen on photography.

I now live in Bristol, UK.

About barnoid.org.uk

(This site probably now counts as a blog.)

My aims for this site are:

  • To document useful stuff I do so other people might learn from it.
  • To be a kind of "me aggregator" so all my stuff is findable in one place.
  • Somewhere to stash all my general web experiments.

The comment above about the blogness of this refers to the fact that I always denied that my previous site was a blog, mostly so that I didn't have to update it regularly. I still hope this site will avoid the strict chronological ordering of a blog so that useful things I wrote a while ago don't disappear just because they're old.

Other places I can be found on the web: