Hello, I am Barney Livingston.

For work I look after Linux systems and networks. I also design electronics for embedded systems.

For fun I like to play with software that generates text that makes me laugh, often involving AI these days. I also tinker with electronics and make weird things, which often embody the software I’ve played with.

I’ve been variously involved with the Maker “scene” in the UK since about 2009. I was a director of Brighton and Bristol Hackspaces, and helped organise the first Mini-Maker Faire in the UK.

I can be found in roughly the Mid-South West of England, in either Stroud or Bristol.

On Twitter I am @barnoid, on Flickr I am barnoid, but I don’t update there much now.

This site is mostly a place for me to document my projects. Somewhere to point people who want more information on something I’ve made.